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Available from 01 Jan to 31 Dec

Rapture Surfcamp Bali - Cliff

Surf Bali's last uncrowded wave

Our surf camp is a small, independently run surf resort offering a range of packages to suit all tastes and budgets. Our staff love surfing and want to share that love with guests from all walks of life and from around the world. Choose from backpacker-friendly dorm accommodation or private options for a more luxurious surf resort experience. The resort is situated on the world-famous Bukit Peninsula right next to the secret Green Bowl break and within easy reach of many other world-class surf spots. What's different about our resort, is that its home wave, Green Bowl, attracts much smaller crowds due to the somewhat hidden location of the site. This means less waiting for your turn and more opportunities to hone your skills on a seriously gnarly wave. During weekdays and Bali's rainy months, your group may even have the spot all to yourselves! Our qualified, Australian registered surf instructors offer surf lessons for beginners, guided surfing for intermediate and advanced surfers and professional-level surf coaching. Additional services include car and motorbike rental plus guided tours of the island.


  • No need to share
    Green Bowl is one of Bali's least crowded waves
  • Tours across Bali
    For when you fancy a day away from the beach
  • Leave your wetsuit at home
    Warm, crystal-clear water all year round
  • Don't want to travel with your board?
    Rental board available in all shapes and sizes


Combining comfort, rustic charm and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere, our camp offers both dorm-style shared rooms as well as luxurious, air-conditioned suites for couples. When you're not on the waves, the grounds of the surf house feature traditional Balinese gardens to enjoy and comfortable lounges for relaxing in. Other on-site amenities include a pool table, Wi-Fi Internet and yoga lessons.


Green Bowl combines the waves that Bali is famous for with the small crowds (25 persons max) of a remote beach. The natural seclusion of the beach means that you won’t have to share this spot with a lot of other surfers.

  • Surf Guiding
    Prices from: € 45 (pp)
    For intermediate to advanced surfers that want to surf as much as possible.

  • Learn to surf
    Nights: 6
    Prices from: € 810 (pp)
    If you're new to surfing, this package will have you riding the waves in no time!

Travel information

  • Visas

    30-day tourist visas are available to visitors from most countries upon arrival in Bali for only $25 USD. A 60-day tourist visa can also be applied for at the Indonesian embassy in your home country. The 60-day visa is necessary for citizens of countries not eligible for obtaining visas upon arrival as well as those who wish to stay in Bali for more than 30 days.

  • Insurance

    To stay at Rapture Camp in Bali you are required to have valid travel insurance. Adequate insurance is considered absolutely necessary when visiting Bali or any other part of Indonesia.

  • Surfboards

    Tourists are permitted to bring 3 surfboards into Bali for personal use. Any boards beyond the allotted three will be counted as imports by the Indonesian government and subject to a customs duty of around $100 US dollars per board, though this fee is often negotiable.

    You are welcome to bring your own surfboard or you can rent one from the camp. We have a variety of boards in different shapes and sizes, suitable for all levels, available for your use. Since the waters in Bali are warm and comfortable throughout the year, no wetsuits are necessary.

  • Malaria

    The island of Bali is considered malaria-safe. If you plan to venture to other parts of Indonesia be advised to take precautions, since all other Indonesian islands have a higher risk for malaria. Staying on boats offshore (for liveaboards, diving excursions, etc.) is also considered safe.

  • Currency and credit cards

    The currency of Bali and Indonesia is the Rupiah. The exchange rate with the euro varies from day to day but at the time of writing 1 euro = 12,300 Rupiah. It is best to arrive in Bali with a valid international debit card such as a Maestro (EC) or a widely accepted credit card. It is advisable to check with your bank as to whether your card will work in Bali. If you bring cash, make sure it is in a major currency such as US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. The cheapest option is to exchange cash, but the use of ATMs and cash machines is of course the more secure method. There are ATMs at the airport and at major hotels as well as cash machines located throughout the island.