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Available from 01 Jan to 31 Dec

Outdoor Ecuador Surf Camp

Experience Ecuador off the beaten tourist track!

Join this adventure to explore Ecuador and start your surfing in its beautiful waters while learning about the Ecuadorian culture. In this surf camp, you will be coached by experienced surf teachers who will design your courses to support and optimize your skills so you can achieve great progress through the camp! Find new friends in an adventure to new places and begin your surfing style to take it to the next level! We offer more than 20 years of experience in surfing and teaching. If you are a beginner, you already have experience, want to take your children (from 7 years old) to surf or if they come with a larger group, they are all welcome!



  • Our location
    Quiet enough to relax but close enough to bustling Montanita to enjoy its nightlife
  • Experience the real Ecuador
    Stay with one of our host families for a full immersion into our culture and language
  • Learn Spanish & Surfing
    With our experienced and friendly teachers
  • Easy access
    We are easily reached by public transport or car from Guayaquil


We have different types of accommodations available for all budgets. Stay in our shared house or with a local family for the highest level of cultural immersion or treat yourself to a private room in one of our partner hotels. The choice is yours.


Olon is our home!  We are located in this small coastal town that boasts a beautiful mountain side to the east, and what we would claim as the countries most capturing beach which hosts some of the best waves in Ecuador. Olon is located in the province of Santa Elena, about 220 klms northwest of Guayaquil.

Here you can take advantage of our agencies services, visit the many towns both north and south on the coast, rent dirt bikes and head inland throughout the mountains and rivers, hang out in Montanita and enjoy the nightlife that it is so ever famous for! The best part about Olon is that you are literally 2 minutes by taxi to the bustling Montanita, yet have a beautiful and quaint town to relax, enjoy the quieter beach life, softer and less populated waves, and have quiet nights with the locals and other foreigners that are passing time in the local restaurants and pubs. The tranquility of this town and the proximity to all other local attractions really makes Olon the hub of everything you will want and need while on the coast or when looking for a base to start your Ecuadorian adventures!

  • 7 Day Personalized Surf Camp
    Nights: 6
    Prices from: $ 135 (pp)

    Ultimately, everyone loves surfing! The feeling of achievement from riding a wave is unlike any, and passing time in the sun and with good friends is always an adventure. Exploring new beaches and surf is a great way to travel while staying in shape and being with nature!

    Come surfing with us and stay in our beautiful shared house.

  • 5 Days of Surf and Yoga in Olon, Ecuador
    Nights: 6
    Prices from: $ 215 (pp)

    The practice of yoga dates back to ancient times, and is based on a philosophy which seeks to harmonize the system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. Practicing yoga gives you the unique opportunity to feel a complete sense of peace and well-being, while also providing a feeling of being at one with the environment. The practice of yoga helps you calm the mind and center yourself through focusing and regulating your breath.

    In this way, it has the potential to alleviate health problems and reduce stress.

    It's a perfect addition to surfing, as it helps improve both strength and balance, which are both essential to the sport.



  • 5 Days of Surf and Spanish in Tranquil Beach Town, Ecuador
    Nights: 6
    Prices from: $ 210 (pp)

    Spanish is one of the largest spoken languages in the world, and one of the most desired languages to learn! Fortunately, the spanish spoken here in Ecuador is very clear, slower then other dialects, and therefore easier to learn which offers faster results and more motivation to continue learning. 

    One week of Spanish and Surfing with us is sure to take your skills in both to the next level.

    At Outdoor Ecuador you will be immersed by the culture and have a real hands on experience with the local way of life. Discovering all of the local destinations, secret hot spots, visiting local cafes and bars, and indulging in the local celebrations will make your experience so much more exciting and meaningful.


a om

9 months ago
Source: Google
Spent a week doing intensive Spanish lessons here. It was good and we had an enthusiastic teacher.

Braden Bunce

2 years ago
Source: Google
Had a terrific experience with a beginners surf lesson put on by Reese here. Very patient, helpful, and made sure we were comfortable with everything. We rented a board afterwards and he let us be very flexible with returning it.
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