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Available from 01 Jan to 31 Dec

Mentawai Surfing Retreat

A quiet boutique Mentawai surf resort right at Pitstops

Mentawai Surf Retreat is located on Nyang Nyang island, in the pristine northern Mentawai Islands. This amazing tropical island get away is designed to cater for our guests every need, in and out of the water.

The retreat consists of a spacious beach front lounge restaurant/bar combined with luxurious and private hillside bungalows. For surfers, the idyllic set-up of world class waves in every direction including directly off the beach out front, means an abundance of choice for waves to suit all levels of surfing.

With a maximum of 6-10 guests per stay, attention to detail is our focus, ensuring everyone has a unique and personalized experience in this lush tropical setting.


  • Small Groups Only
    Small resort with an intimate setting, providing the experience of scoring perfect waves with less crowds. Accommodating a maximum of 6-10 guests per stay.
  • The Perfect Location!
    Check the waves from your bed! With Pit Stops right out front, and E-Bay just a short paddle away, scoring perfect surf has never been easier. Get more waves for your money!
  • Over 25 Waves Nearby
    No matter the conditions, there is always a wave working nearby. You will have access to some of the best surf in the world.
  • Pristine Tropical Setting
    Incredible tropical setting: Cliffside jungle setting, with tall coconut palms, leading onto white sand beach with clear warm water waves.


The Mentawai Surf Retreat consists of three comfortable, secure, and spacious hillside bungalows. Each handcrafted bungalow accommodates 3-4 guests, and is designed to soak in the ocean breeze to keep you cool.

The bungalows are spacious and private, providing a unique setting in paradise. Locally handcrafted, they combine the traditional Mentawai methods with the modern luxuries of the western world.

Each bungalow boasts its own private deck for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. Perched on a hillside, overlooking the surf with islands in the distance, you will experience the perfect backdrop for every sunset. These are the views postcards are made of…


Mentawai Surf Retreat is nestled on 20 acres of beachfront land on Nyang Nyang Island in the Northern Mentawai region. This region is known as the “Playgrounds” area, and the name says it all. The Mentawai Islands are Mother Nature’s gift to the surfing world.

The retreat has several world class waves within walking distance and over twenty epic breaks, just a short boat ride away. We have access to a large variety of waves for all surfing levels; from mellow, peeling reef breaks to some of the heaviest barrels on the planet.

With a beachfront, Northwest facing Restaurant and Bar nestled in the shade, private hillside bungalows set amongst coconut palms and tropical gardens, the outlook over Siberut Island creates breathtaking sunsets that make this the best setting in the Mentawais

Our Waves


Location: 30 steps away… Our front yard!

This right-hand break is right in front of the Mentawai Surf Retreat. You can watch the break from the balcony of each bungalow and from the restaurant/bar. Pitstops is a really fun right-hander that breaks off a reef and runs onto sand. The wave offers a fast and hollow tubing take-off, followed by a great rippable wall. This is a great wave for speed, barrels, and aerials. Pitstops is an excellent way to ease into the Mentawai experience, working in all tides and in small conditions; it is one of the most consistent breaks in the area. When most other spots are blown-out, you can count on Pitstops. Sit back and enjoy from your bungalow or the bar… or grab your board and get out there!


Location: 4 Minute Paddle – Just Around the Point

E-Bay can be accessed from the resort, you can walk or paddle over. It is an outstanding wave… a dreamy, hollow left-hander that breaks best between waist high to double or even triple overhead. E-Bay is often compared to the fabled Padang Padang in Bali, but has a gnarly end section known as “Greedys” which adds to the challenge. The main tube section is located straight out from two large boulders which adds to the intimidating factor of the wave. It can be enjoyed at waist to head high but is best on a big swell. The bigger it gets the hollower it gets… and the heavier it gets. Regarded as fickle, but when it’s on, it’s one of the best waves around!

Bank Vaults

Location: 10 Min Boat Ride / 25 Min Walk

Challenging, hollow, and heavy. This right-hander breaks thick, hard and square. Bankvaults can handle up to triple over-head, but also works at 3 feet. It’s a wave capable of delivering the squarest barrel of your life, but can also dish out a grinding. The large outer peak offers an ideal spot for the photos of a lifetime. Bank Vault’s is within walking distance from Mentawai Surf Retreat, but is accessed quickly by boat and is definitely one for the chargers and tube hunters.


Location: 12 Min Boat Ride / 35 Min Walk

Set in a very scenic little bay just around the corner from the retreat lies Nipussi. Just down the coast from Bankvaults, Nipussi is regarded as the safer and lighter option to its often brutal neighbor. This wave-magnet works on small and medium swells. When it’s under four foot it wraps from the tip of the point and down into the bay. When it gets a little bigger, it breaks wider in the bay offering some juicy ramps to cut loose on. Nipussi is a super consistent, reliable, and smackable right that works best on a low to medium tide. Always reliable for picking up swell, having this wave nearby constantly offers an option.

Beng Beng

Location: 8 Min Boat Ride / 35 Min Walk

Beng Beng is a really fun, smack-able left-hander that suits surfers of all skill levels. Not the longest wave in the region but gives up a succession of fast sections for racing down the line and gettin’ your hits in. Beng Beng is known best for its speed and rippability and under the right conditions can provide a nice little barrel section. Set in a very scenic and tranquil bay, Beng Beng is very close to Mentawai Surf Retreat and is usually worth a look. A great warm-up location or afternoon wind down wave that breaks better in low tide and protected in the southern winds.


Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

A mind-blowing right that looks just like the cartoons you drew on your old school books. One of the best waves on the planet. Rifles holds size and breaks mechanically long, hollow, and fast. Conditions need to be just right, Rifles needs a swell with a distinct south in it and winds with some west. Surfers have been known to log over 6 barrels on one wave at Rifles, and many say if you score an epic day here it could truly be the best session of your life. The reef prefers to have some good water coverage and breaks with some ferocity when bigger. Rifles is for the skilled, but can still be enjoyed in chest-high conditions. Surfers dream of scoring this spot and come to the Mentawai Islands in hopes of catching a moment here. Bottom line: Rifles fires and you’re the bullet.

Burger World

Location: 20 Min Boat Ride – Across the Channel

When most of the Mentawai Islands are flat, you can rely on Burgerworld to dish up something tasty. Not a highly rated wave for the region but when it’s under 1.5m swell, this wave-magnet runs down the point with some size and offers numerous sections to work with. Burgers prefers a lower tide and a wind with west in it and doesn’t like too much swell as it has a tendency to burger-out and go fat. Great for the ripper or the cruiser.

4-Bobs AKA Spankers

Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

A fun, rippable right-hander. Although relatively short it’s consistent and always a fun wave to ride. Breaks over a shallow reef and offers two to three good sections. Get your 4 -bobs worth.

A-Frames AKA John Candys

Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

Peaky and consistent, A-frames can handle size and is made up of two main sections. The outside section throws up challenging shifting peaks, whilst the inside section walls up beckoning to be unleashed upon.


Location: 25 Min Boat Ride

Kandui is truly a world class, freight train, left-hand barrel. Hollow, fast, and heavy. Hence the nickname “No-Kandui”, it’s hard to out run, but if you do you’ll never forget it. Even expert surfers are humbled by this wave when it’s pumping. Some incredibly long barrels have been recorded at this break and it can handle up to triple overhead. Around the island you will find Baby Kandui which is super-fast and can be an awesome option if the swell is big. Kandui and baby Kandui need some good water on the reef to be safe. Like Rifles, Kandui breaks with ferocity and intensity.

Secret Spots

Location: Near & Far

Not all the waves in the Mentawais are known. There are still plenty of hidden gems.

We are always scoping and keeping our eyes peeled for options in differing wind and swell conditions… guests are probably scoring some empty peaks right now! What are you waiting for?!

Available Packages

  • Exclusive Surf & Stay Package
    10 days
    13 Jan - 13 Dec
    Prices from $ 1.000

Travel information

  • Travel Insurance

    Surfing can be a dangerous sport. We wish our guests have a safe and incident free trip but accidents do happen. Travel insurance is mandatory for all guests visiting the retreat. We recommend “World Nomads Travel Insurance”. Ensure that your policy covers “Emergency Evacuation”.

  • Health

    Traveling can be stressful on your mind, body, and immune system. You don’t want to arrive in paradise with the waves pumping, and you are sidelined from illness! Below are some tips and recommendations to help keep you healthy during your travels.

    • Begin boosting your immune system 7 days before you travel.
    • Bring and take a vitamin supplement during your travels: “Emergen-C” and “Airborn” are two great products that travel well and can be easily taken throughout your trip.
    • Drink plenty of water, dehydration is very common when flying.
    • Use hand sanitizer and wash your hands regularly during travel.
  • Fitness

    Be ready to paddle! With two waves in our front yard, and two boat trips a day to other surf breaks, you’re not going to want to miss a set. We highly recommend arriving in good “surf shape”.

  • First Aid Supplies

    Cuts and scrapes on the reef are very common. We provide basic care for these injuries, including band aids, alcohol, antibiotic ointment, and some over the counter pain/anti-inflammatory medications. If there is anything that you specifically like or that works great for you, please bring it.

    We have medical supplies available for guest use. Our staff has been trained in basic first aid. In the event of a serious medical emergency we will assist with evacuation to Padang/Singapore.

  • Photo Packages and Expenses

    Photos will be taken for the duration of your trip, both in and out of the water. Photo packages are payable with cash only, $200 USD or IDR equivalent preferred.

    Bar and internet tabs are paid at the end of your trip with cash, Indonesian Rupiah is preferred.

    Local Mentawai visit every trip, selling hand-made souvenirs and clothing, Indonesia Rupiah is preferred.

  • What to bring

    Out of the Water

    • Passport
    • Copy of passport
    • Airline tickets
    • Copy of Airline tickets
    • Visa (if needed)
    • Copy of Visa
    • Itinerary/Hotel/Other Travel information
    • Copy of travel insurance
    • Copy of emergency contacts (name, email, and phone numbers)
    • Rupiah (Indonesian money for bar tab, internet, and photo packages – no ATM on the island)
    • Credit cards, driver’s license, and any other documentation you’re traveling with

    *When traveling do not keep your original documents in the same bag as the copies!

    Clothing & Supplies

    • Headlamp/Flashlight/Torch
    • 8 GB USB drive (for pictures)
    • Solar Resin
    • Sunglasses
    • Sandals
    • Hat
    • T-Shirts (4-5)
    • Tank top/Singlet (1-3)
    • Thin Long sleeve shirt
    • Board shorts (2-4)
    • Shorts (1-2)
    • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.)
    • After sun lotion/moisturizer
    • 220v Adapter
    • Thin long pants (optional)
    • Medicine (antacids, eye drops, Neosporin, etc.)
    • Ibuprofen (great for sun burns, injuries, and hangovers)
    • Sea sickness pills (optional)
    • Prescription medicine (optional)
    • Shoes (optional)
    • Rain jacket (optional)
    • MP3 Player/iPod (optional)
    • Tablet/iPad (optional)
    • Laptop (optional)
    • Chargers for electronics (optional)
    • Nail clippers (optional)

    In the Water

    • Surfboards (2-3)*
    • Fin sets (4-6)
    • Big wave leash (1-3)
    • Medium wave leash (2-3)
    • Leash rope (2-3 extra)
    • Rash guard/Surf Shirt (2-3)
    • Reef booties
    • Wax (4-5)
    • Sunscreen
    • Zinc
    • Fin key (1-2)
    • Wax comb (optional)
    • Snorkeling gear (optional)
    • Surf hat (optional)
    • Spear fishing gear (optional)
    • Helmet (optional)
    • Surfboards

    Quads, twins, thrusters… round-tail, squash, swallow-tail… When choosing the right boards for your trip, basically think about what you are comfortable riding. If you think you want to go big, bring a step-up for that firing session! You know what kind of surfer you are and what works for you. Pack what you like and get ready for the best surf trip of your life!